How to Not Get Blamed for A Car Accident That Isn’t Your Fault


A sound nobody desires to hear while backing out of a parking house — it’s precisely what met my ears as an SUV met the rear passenger side of my car. Though I’d barely been moving, the impact’s extent and pressure meant this was much extra than a fender bender.

Unhinged but unhurt, I obtained out to discover a very upset and very remorseful fellow driver.

“It was all my fault,” she said. “I was in a hurry and didn’t see you.” She used to be perchance texting and distracted. Plus, considering the crumpled accordion formerly known as my fender, she was actually going way too fast for a parking lot.

Anyone witnessing the accident or listening to the drivers’ discussion in its immediate aftermath may want to have handed convenient judgment: she caused it.


Unfortunately, there were no witnesses and no protection digicam footage. And kingdom regulation indicated that drivers leaving parking lot areas have to yield to oncoming traffic

I had and all was clear, which means the SUV both cut a corner or protected an awesome quantity of ground in simply a few seconds.

By the time the police showed up, the different drivers had long past from repentant to reticent. Her newfound reservation and composure had been primarily based on an assessment that I, too, had made. If she performed her cards right, she would possibly get away with this.

Still, the officer remarked on the extent of my car’s injury (insurance later deemed it totaled). Since the collision impacted the side of my car, it evidently pointed to the different drivers dashing excessively. He listened understandingly as I suggested she had already admitted fault. Leaving the scene, I was satisfied that equity would win the day.

Two weeks later, I obtained the accident document which likely took 30 seconds to type. It is a reductionist, to put it kindly. In the report, I am Driver/Vehicle 2.

It stated:

Driver 1 mentioned she used to be journeying west through the parking lot. Vehicle 2 started to back out of a parking space. As Vehicle 2 was backing out of the parking space, Driver 1’s vehicle collided with Vehicle 2. Driver 2 mentioned he was once backing his automobile out of a parking area in the parking lot area. As he used to be doing so, Vehicle 1 collided with his vehicle. Vehicle 1 suffered a moderate amount of injury to its front bumper, primarily near its passenger’s side. Vehicle 2 suffered a moderate amount of harm to its rear aspect panel on its passenger’s side.

I have determined Driver 2 [me!] to be at fault for this crash for no longer watching Vehicle 1 and not safely backing up.

Just like that – with a lack of witnesses and a lazy, incomplete accident document written by an officer who virtually doesn’t have a penchant for thorough bureaucracy – I was once screwed.

Some classes are learned in a tough way. Here’s what you can do when disputing fault in a vehicle accident case

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