6 Ways Using a Face Roller Can Transform Your Skin


Victoria Beckham has made a jade face roller phase of her day by day routine. She says it helps her spread her masks round after she puts it on her face. As it turns out, this little gadget offers major health benefits and perhaps one of the secrets to flawless skin.

We at BUZZDIET have additionally viewed face rollers on our Instagram feeds and we decided to discover out how this device can benefit the skin.

1. It makes your skin look brighter


Using a face curler improves blood circulation in the face, making your pores and skin greater radiant. A group of researchers measured peoples’ cheek blood flow, and it expanded after just a 5-minute rubdown with a roller.

2. It minimizes puffiness.

Massaging your face with a curler may additionally also help de-bloat the face. It stimulates lymphatic drainage and decreases facial swelling, like for instance eye bags.

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