6 Damaging Things Makeup Wipes Can Do to Your Skin


2. They can lead to allergic reactions.


Using wet wipes is regarded as the purpose of allergic reactions. Redness and pigmentation are common, however, there can be serious reactions too. Back in 2015, a woman suffered a comparable response and due to the fact of moist wipes, she used to be left with burn-like blisters on her fingers and her face. If you sincerely need to use a wipe, it is counseled to study the label and test the substances first.

3. They are the reason for clogged pores and breakouts.

People use face wipes to get rid of dirt, excess oil, makeup, and so on, however, they are unaware that a residue is usually left behind. This leads to clogged pores and breakouts.

4. They can cause cancer.

The “wet” in moist wipes are nothing but chemical substances and preservatives, which are damaging to your skin. Chemical like parabens has been linked to causing breast cancer, as it mimics the properties of estrogen and can increase breast cell growth.

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