10 Secrets That Eyelash Artists Aren’t Eager to Share



The services of lash artists are turning into more and greater popular and if you spend 30 minutes in a mall, you will see a lot of ladies with eyelash extensions. The demand for these services is surely high, so there are a lot of lash artists, but can we have confidence in all of them?

Many lady teams frequently get eyelash extensions. But as it turns out, our lash artists do their jobs in one of a kind methods and their guidelines additionally have a tendency to vary. So, we determined to dive into the blogs of professional lash artists and discover the answers to the most popular questions.

1. Can you use mascara on lash extensions?

Even after getting eyelash extensions, every so often you favor highlighting your eyes to make the impact even greater dramatic. According to experts, you can use mascara on fake eyelashes, however, you need to take countless things into account:

Mascara will make thick fake lashes look even greater artificial. They might simply appear ridiculous.
Regular mascaras may incorporate oils that will have a chemical reaction with the glue and dissolve it. So, you might start dropping the lashes very quickly. You both want to examine the list of ingredients very cautiously and make sure it doesn’t have any oils in it or use distinct mascaras made in particular for faux lashes.
You can’t use water-resistant mascara because you might need one of a kind merchandise to eliminate it that can additionally dissolve the glue.
It is better to put mascara from the guidelines to the middle of the lashes and now not touch the connection point.

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